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Mar 7 '11

learning to let go

Feb 24 '11

Repeat, repeat, repent and repeat

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Feb 15 '11

The light of morning decomposes everything

I don’t often blog about this sort of thing (ever) but lately I’m feeling overwhelmed with things that I have no control over, and being the attention-seeking sissy that I am, I’m going proceed to blog about it on the internet. The days are getting harder to get through and I have little energy to do anything. I don’t find myself being particularly worthy of interest, which makes speaking to people troublesome. I just want to be as I was before but it’s hard to create and sustain a casual conversation now, let alone a meaningful one. People I used to be close to have left and I still find the process of coming to terms with it slightly painful at times.  

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Sep 12 '10


We think too much and feel too little…



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